Soul-Focused Summit Talks for Striving Muslimahs

A good word is as a good tree. Its roots are firm and its branches reach heaven. (Quran, 14:24)

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In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious & Most Beneficent...

Do you ever wonder what it means to take on the dye of Allah?

Do you ever wonder how to create a legacy by putting Allah first?

Do you ever wonder how to attain calm through living a life of servitude to Allah?

Do you ever wonder how to improve your spiritual health from prophetic remedies?

So continue to remind them one and all of God's commandments. For indeed, such reminding benefits the believers. And know that I have not created either jinn or human beings for any other end but to know and worship Me alone. I do not desire from them any provision. Nor do I desire that they feed Me.

(Quran, 51:55-58)

Are you ready for some soul to soul inspirational, motivational heartfelt reminders?

Then this is for you...

interviews, videos, audios and more all put together for striving Muslimahs upon the Quran and Sunnah.

Be inspired. Get motivated.

Create goals for your heart and live with purpose.

Maybe you missed some of these summit talks in the past when they were live but now you can inshaaAllah get lifetime access to all of them.


Your Instructor

Madina Therapy
Madina Therapy

Asalaam Alaykum!

I'm Sohada, founder of Madina Therapy, a faith practice inspired by everyday Muslimahs who are looking to grow in their spiritual wellness and health. Serving women and children occupational therapy, heartfelt life coaching, Islamic counseling, hijama cupping care, special education/needs advocacy, mental health coaching are things that I am passionate about. Coming back to Boston after living in Madinah Munawwarah for 10 years led me to a desire in wanting to give back to sisters in my community and others globally in support of personal development, and in advocacy for sisters wanting to help others step up in their lives from the shackles of this donia. This is how Madina Therapy Ilm Academy formed, because sincerity and knowledge are pre-requisites to success and triumph of every struggle.

"Sr. Sohada is a very wise and empathetic occupational therapist who helped me advocate for my daughter with Autism. She is also a very kind counselor who supported me through my personal conflicts reminding me to have hope in Allah."

- Effa Adnan, Homeschooling Mother of Daughter with Special Needs

"Sr. Sohada's lectures and support mean a lot to me. I appreciate her reminders to turn to Allah even when I don't understand the wisdom behind my tests. My purpose in life has become more clear and I benefit listening to her talks on spiritual health because of the depression and afflictions I live with. Learning from her mashaaAllah tabarakAllahis good for my heart alhamdulilah."

- Dee Arrow, HStriving Sister in the Philippines

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